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Tom and His Amazing Lasso

Tom and His Amazing Lasso

 Tom was a renowned cowboy performer known as Tom, the Lasso King. As a super athlete he did trick-riding stunts on his horse and stunned people with his daring performances.

He had a way with his lasso that was absolute magic.  He made his own lasso from slim thongs of the best rawhide, using four plaits woven together and meticulously pounded, rolled and greased to make it pliable and easy to handle yet stiff enough to form a perfect loop.

Tom and his lasso were life-long friends.                                                 

He traveled the whole world, performing with his special lasso in rodeos and even performed for kings and queens in Europe. People were awed by the versatility of Tom and his wonderful lasso.

One day Tom realized that his favorite lasso was wearing out. The lasso was getting thread-bare and had many frayed spots in it.  His lasso was like a part of him, and he felt a great attachment for this piece of rawhide rope.

Tom was afraid he would have to retire his favorite lasso in order to keep performing for the crowds of eager people around the world.

But Tom was not a quitter and would not give up on his favorite lasso, so he meticulously mended it and repaired the damaged strands until his favorite lasso was once more as good as new. And so Tom continued to perform his riding tricks and amazing rope magic.

For Tom and his lasso were life-long friends.

But then the years began to take their toll on Tom, the Lasso King.
He developed arthritis in his fingers, his knees, and his feet.  At one show he twirled his lasso and was about to rope a calf when his fingers wouldn’t grip the lasso, and it fell from his hand. But miraculously the old lasso completed the calf-roping perfectly and the audience cheered.

Tom scratched his head and looked at his stiff fingers. What had happened? he wondered. As he continued to do the grueling shows, he found his fingers were too stiff to do all the tricks that cowboys do. And yet at every show, the old lasso performed flawlessly.The day came that Tom couldn’t ride as well as in the past, and the worst blow of all came when he found he couldn’t handle the old lasso anymore. Somehow his lasso was performing for him, completing the intricate roping tricks that had made Tom famous. Tom knew that something magical was taking place, but he couldn’t explain it.

Finally Tom knew his performing days were over and old Tom reluctantly retired to a little cabin in the mountains next to a small lake.His favorite lasso hung on the wall near the door, unused now, but always within sight of Tom, for Tom loved that lasso.

For Tom and his lasso were life-long friends.

 Tom began to have trouble walking, and he couldn’t grip the frying pan to make breakfast, or the pump handle to pump water, or the bucket to carry water to his cabin.

He found he could no longer saddle his horse. He struggled with the leather straps for long periods before he could pull the cinch tight enough to hold the saddle straight. He could not even pitch hay from his small barn into the paddock for his horse.

In the evenings Tom would sit and rock on his small porch, watch the moon, and remember the old days. He would hold the old lasso in his gnarled fingers, stroke the worn rawhide, and remember when he was called Tom, the Lasso King, doing fantastic tricks with his favorite rawhide rope.

Then one day when he awoke, to his surprise he found his clothes neatly arranged on the chair, his breakfast on the table, and all the dishes and pots and pans washed and stored away. And on the sink sat a large pan of water with the bucket nearby half-filled with clean water.

Tom scratched his head with his gnarled fingers, walked barefoot into the yard, and saw that the hay had been pitched out of the barn for his horse.  He was at a total loss and could not figure out what was happening. He began the difficult job of putting on his boots, but his fingers could not get a solid grip on the rim of the boot to pull it on.

And then a strange thing happened.
His old lasso – which Tom now noticed was lying on the floor by his bed – uncoiled from the floor and helped Tom put on his boots!
Tom was amazed and couldn’t speak.

Every day the old lasso took more of Tom’s chores in hand, making life easier for old Tom, the Lasso King.
And the two old rodeo friends lived out their lives together.

For Tom and his lasso were life-long friends.