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BUGS, BUGS, BUGS (from “The Book of Rhyming Stories”)

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BUGS descend every Spring,
and the tune that they sing
Is both grating and hard on the flowers.
Some BUGS crawl and some hop,
BUGS can ruin your crop,
BUGS will munch on a green leaf for hours.

There’s a GRASSHOPPER brown,
chewing leaves upside down,
A ROSE BEETLE is having his way
With a juicy tea-rose
that he’s out to depose.
BEETLES eat like there’s only today.

EAR WIG sings his sad song
as he ambles along.
He’s bad news for the garden in view.
His antenna’s in tune
with the plants he’ll harpoon,
And EAR WIGS stick to flowers like glue.

Although APHIDS are small,
they’re a green plant’s downfall.
Strange, the ants milk those APHIDS like cows.
APHIDS squirt an elixir
when an ant simply licks her,
But those APHIDS kill plants anyhow.

See that green CATERPILLAR?
To most plants he’s a killer.
He eats foliage and sucks a plant dry.
If he digests enough
of your green, leafy stuff,
He turns into a big butterfly.

I see MITES in a rush
to eat leaves off a bush.
Soon leaf dark greens will wither and pale.
NEMATODES also feed
on shrub, flower, and weed
Till their antics produce leafy scale.

Though exceedingly slow,
SLUGS and SNAILS both go
For the stems and the roots that they love.
If there’s other BUGS near,
SLUGS will soon disappear,
For they’re cowards when push comes to shove.

On a nearby fruit tree,
there’s a BUG I can see
Called a SPITTLE BUG clothed in white slime,
For he spits a white foam,
makes the center his home.
What he does to a fruit tree’s a crime.

From the porch rail I see,
leaping on a young tree,
A black SPRINGTAIL who jumps on his prey.
Their main purpose, I hear,
is to make pits appear
On each smooth, leafy surface they spray.

As the stem of a gourd
grows a sinewy chord,
Their stems creep and their tendrils outreach.
But a nasty SQUASH BUG
gets those stems in a hug,
And he’ll squeeze till the stems almost screech.

Although covered with white,
MEALY BUGS cause a blight
Of hard scale on your fruit trees and such.
After they’ve had their way,
a plant’s growth will delay,
And the fruit skin is dry to the touch.

Here’s a sucking insect,
and your plants he’ll dissect.
He’s a THRIP and he has wings to fly on.
He is sneaky and fast,
with him your plants won’t last.
He’s a BUG that you should keep your eye on.

That Azalea plant’s doomed,
and it hasn’t yet bloomed.
Must be LACE BUGS at work at the core,
For they suck out the juice,
will not let a plant loose.
That Azalea will bloom nevermore.

All these nasty old BUGS
are like law-breaking thugs.
I enjoy getting rid of these guys.
I’m a ROBIN, you see,
and these BUGS fatten me.
They’re like Savory Buggy Pot Pies!