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HELLO, AMERICA! Our Health Is Failing!

All nutrition comments are based on The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD.

Hello, America! I’ll start with the bad news.
Our health is failing! Americans are obese and dying before their time.
Not only have the ‘fad’ diets done us in, but our own government is dictating a nutrition plateful that’s bad for us and puts each of us at risk for all of the major US diseases.
Want proof?
Look at the statistics on CANCER (like breast, prostate, throat, lung, and liver), HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES like bone density, macular degeneration, cataracts, kidney disease, and, yes, Alzheimer’s disease.
Around the world, our American or ‘Western diet’, is killing more citizens than any war, and we are head-and-shoulders above most other countries in death by ‘the AFFLUENT SOCIETY’ diseases mentioned.
Read THE CHINA STUDY by T. Colin Campbell, PhD in which he did an awesome study in China and described his studies and also gathered scientific data from all over the world showing that what’s killing us is our love for animal protein and fat (beef, pork, fish, and chicken), AND our reliance on dairy products such as milk and cheese… and this from a man who was raised on a dairy farm!
From the time we are weaned, we’ve been brain-washed with the idea that ‘milk is good for us and grows strong bones and teeth’!
Sorry, folks, Campbell’s book and the data of others says otherwise…
Read THE CHINA STUDY and get the truth.
Find out what milk does to women from the time they’re infants until after menopause.
Milk and animal protein create high estrogen levels, and do so from before the start of menstruation through menopause – with the result that women are much more likely to develop cancer, especially breast cancer. And, oh yes, these same dairy products cause girls to start menstruation earlier and enter menopause later, with the result that the high estrogen levels are evident and active for longer periods of their lives – which makes women even more susceptible to cancer, especially breast cancer.
And guess what…your genes are only an infinitesimal part of your problem. Even a so-called ‘bad’ gene will not cause any of these diseases unless the gene is ‘expressed’ or’ activated’.
And activation of a gene is almost always done through a diet rich in animal protein and fat.
So even those with family histories of ‘bad genes’, will be less susceptible to major US diseases with the proper nutrition.
Okay, that’s the bad news…Now for the good news.
You can change this picture for yourself and those you love by concentrating on three things:
  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner…
Yes, your health, well-being, and quality of life are in YOUR hands, and requires a simple lifestyle change and a change of attitude about what you eat.
And what IS that nutrition? Simply this:
Campbell’s studies show that if animal protein and dairy is made 10% or less of your total calories, you are less likely to develop these ‘affluent society’ diseases. And less is better…
Stay tuned…more to come …