Christmas Eyes

Inky blackness prevailed in the hospital bay.
Meg lay quiet and still just awaiting the day
When the bandages thick would be taken away
And she could once more feel happy, carefree, and gay.

She was now quite expectant of getting new sight
From the EyeBank as promised, and then she’d see light.
Finally doctors and nurses all gathered behind
And they watched her eye surgeon the white cloth unwind.

With her eyelids uplifted she looked for the light,
And she thought for a moment she had lost her sight,
But the haze gently lifted and she shouted in glee
To the white clad lifesavers. She said, “I can see!”

They sent Meggy home on a cold Christmas Eve,
And the nurses and docs did not want her to leave.
Meggy missed them already as mom tucked her in.
“Get some sleep, Meg”, said mom as she kissed her pale skin.

So Meg snuggled down thinking, “I’ve gifts for no one,”
But she went off to sleep knowing she’d see the sun.
Seemed like hours she slept when she heard a strange noise,
Like the tinkle of sleigh bells and jingle of toys.

And rubbing her new eyes, she glanced ’round the room
When a Wonder of Wonders! a light filled the gloom.
And out of the brightness an elf did appear
Dressed in red, with a white beard. Frost hung from his ear.

Now he gave Meg a grin, put his finger to nose,
And to Meggy’s surprise, through the floor a bag rose.
The pouch shined and glistened, a mix of alloys,
And there at the op’ning she saw piles of toys.

There were other gifts, too, wrapped in pink, white, and green.
They were bigger and better than she’d ever seen.
Next the elf snapped his fingers and a Pine tree just dropped
Out of nowhere with tinsel – and angel on top.

Then the elf did a dance and extended his hand,
And the living room brightened with ribbons so grand,
There was fresh fruit and candy, and Christmas cards hung
By the fireplace where clusters of pine branches clung.

The elf smiled at Meg broadly and started to whirl,
And the light wrapped around him like mother-of-pearl.
In a flash he was gone, but he yelled with delight,
“Merry Christmas, dear Meg, and God bless your new sight!”

Christmas morning, her aunts and her uncles all came,
And Meg’s gifts for them truly put theirs to shame.
As each opened a gift, it was just what each wanted,
And they stared at poor Meg as if she were haunted.

“How’d you ever get gifts while laid up in your bed?”
And Meg smiled at all with a tilt of her head.
“Anyone can make magic appear ‘neath the tree,
For the Spirit of Christmas is theirs but to see.”