Finding Bruce — 186 pages

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Bruce Altman is the only one who knows the location  of a 1/2-billion-dollar treasure.
The Mafia wants that treasure, and will do anything to get it.
Bruce’s companion is dead after a run-in with the Mafia.
Now the Mafia wants to FIND BRUCE.
But Bruce has disappeared.
Diane Altman is also desperate to FIND BRUCE, her father.
Before Bruce disappeared, he told Diane to locate Ryan Garrett who might help her FIND BRUCE without using normal investigative techniques.
Ryan was a “Remote Viewer” in a secret Government Program known as the Stargazer Project which no longer exists.
In Stargazer, Ryan successfully located people, objects, and secrets, but his Remote Viewing days have been over for 10 years.
And Ryan is almost blind when Diane locates him.
With the Mafia on their trail, can Diane and Ryan FIND BRUCE before the Mafia?
Can they uncover the location of the fabulous treasure known only to Bruce?