Memoirs can be exciting as the dramas of growing from a boy into a man

Join Author, Ray Mathews, as he takes you down memory lane in snippets from his past.
Learn of a boy’s heartbreak when he loses his best friend due to rabies.
Live through a fishing tale with three boys as they catch huge fish without fishing gear.
Learn about the minor treasures that can be yours if you keep your eyes on the ground in front of you.
And who says a new canoe is the best idea?
Follow the unusual story of the goats of Goat Island as their home is claimed by land developers in a lake community.
Mosenthein Island is located near downtown St. Louis; follow one of the stories of teens as they ride in an amphibious ‘DUCK’ to this island to enjoy a day in the sun with their friends.
And read other intriguing stories from the book,


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