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Check out the curriculum for teaching the Classics and more to students at GOTEACHIT.COM
Novels, Novellas, Short stories, cataloged by Grade level and Type of book
Quizzes, Tests, True/False, Essay subjects, Story summary, Character sketches, Vocabulary from the book,
and Games like ‘Word Scrambles’, ‘Jambles’, ‘Puzzles’, and ‘Scavenger hunts’
Author Ray Mathews is one of many writers who have prepared teacher’s curricula for students in order to make learning FUN and introduce students to the wonderful world of literature.

In fact, GOTEACHIT is always looking for good writers, so you may want to check this out.

Ray discovered GOTEACHIT several years ago at a time when he wanted to share his love of reading with others, especially children and young adults.
Teachers in particular share this goal, opening the gates of literature to young minds.
The ‘GOTEACHIT’ website is a natural for this objective, since the teacher’s curriculum is set up to get the students interested in the Classics and general reading in innovative ways.
Teachers will find a wealth of literature at GOTEACHIT that will stimulate students and awaken their curiosity about the stories behind the covers, an enjoyable pastime for readers of any age.
And beyond the basic story in each book, are fun activities that will entice students even more and make the whole adventure of reading a life-long expedition of exciting imagery – and fun for teacher and student alike.
In the process of creating teacher’s curricula for the Classics shown below, Ray reorganized the forms used by GOTEACHIT writers to make the entire creation process more coherent, logical, and consistent.

To get an idea of what’s available at GOTEACHIT, Click on these Titles to see Teacher’s Curriculum books and stories by author, Ray Mathews as an example:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  By: Ken Kessey            The Old Man and the Sea  By: Ernest Hemingway
The Secret Garden
  By: Frances Hodgson Burnett                 Lord of the Flies  By: William Gerald Golding
On The Beach
  By: Nevil Shute                                                 The Call of the Wild  By: Jack London
Moby Dick
  By: Herman Melville                                                The Great Gatsby  By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Treasure Island
  By: Robert Louis Stevenson                          Jane Eyre  By: Charlotte Bronte
To Build a Fire – a Short story
  By: Jack London