The Christmas Gift (from “8 Christmas Stories”)

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The Gifts lay in the dull gray void, without the gay wrappings usually associated with Gifts. A rush of undefined wind whistled around the various hazy-shaped packages, and a mighty but gentle Voice issued from out of the zephyr.
“Christmas is at hand – the time of year when the World of mortals celebrates the birth of my earthly son. There are millions of needy men and women and expectant children, all waiting impatiently for a special Gift to brighten their days on earth and remind them of Jesus’ birth.
“Your task is to survey the peoples of the world, find some one worthy person, and decide what kind of Gift you will be.”
There was a low murmuring among the Gifts which grew louder and deeper as the Gifts found homes around the world. The process seemed to take forever, but in actuality, the choices occurred in the single beat of an earthbound heart.
Finally all the Gifts had chosen a person, the Power of the Universe sprinkled special magic dust on the Gifts, and each package became special with bright and exciting wrappings of every color, with happy bows and ribbons, wreaths and bells, and many tiny ornaments…
All except one small Gift.
Down, down in the infinite void lay the one remaining Gift, a Gift who could not decide. The Infinite Power looked down and spoke kindly to the confused Gift.
“Your time is almost gone, little Gift. You must make your decision now. Do you want to be a warm shirt for a man, a new pair of shoes for a woman, a sled for a boy, or a doll for a girl? The choice is yours, little Gift, but you must choose – now.”
The void was quiet as a perfect vacuum, and all that could be heard was the straining mind of the little Gift, trying desperately to make the best choice. For it knew that once the choice was made, the decision was irrevocable.
Finally, the last small Gift whispered into the churning wind to the One and Only. The Gift had made a choice.
Suddenly the void was full of joyful sound, a crashing, drumming, humming, staccato mixing of musical notes as the Power of Powers laughed into the vacuum of the heavens.
“So be it!”
On Christmas morning, the little Gift looked about in a dark and quiet place. The Gift could hear a steady thump, thump, thump nearby and sense movement around him. The Gift grew uneasy as the surroundings began to tremble and shake, and tremors occurred at intervals. The Gift felt himself being pressed from side to side, and was pushed along an unseen tubular path. The Gift felt something grasp him from beyond the dark.
Suddenly bright concentrated light shined on him, and voices cried out with excitement.
“What a wonderful Christmas Gift,” said the doctor to the young woman. “It’s a boy!”