The Golden Crows — 294 pages

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Children’s book author, Ann Stone, discovers a family she never knew she had.
Startled by the revelation, further intrigue develops when she is asked to help her new family, the Harrises, search for a hidden treasure on their 200-year-old plantation, Raven Watch, in order to save the family home.
In search of a fabulous gem, the North Star Diamond, Ann’s family is led on a dangerous quest, ever-impeded by a malevolent ghost from the past.
In 1811 her ancestor, Cameron Harris, was labeled a ‘traitor’ when a ton of gold meant for Andrew Jackson to fight the British, disappeared leaving the Harris family mired in infamy.
Through family documents, seances, and the solving of a strange riddle on a half-coin heirloom, will the Harris family secrets be uncovered?
Can Ann find the treasure in time to save Raven Watch?
Can she prove that Cameron Harris is not the traitor he is labeled?
And what happened to the North Star Diamond…and Andrew Jackson’s gold?